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Book a Trip

How To Book A Trip


Call us at any time.


The Office is open from 9:00am  to 2:00pm Monday to Friday except for public holidays. Outside these times, or if we are unable to take your call, please leave a name and telephone number and trip requirements and we will ring back. Trips can be booked weeks in advance, but please try to give four working days notice of the trip. In exceptional circumstances, we will try to arrange a trip at shorter notice but there is a risk we will be unable to find a driver.

One of our office team will ask for the following details:

  • Name

  • Telephone number (mobile & home)

  • Address and postcode

  • Destination and postcode

  • Pick-up and return times

  • Purpose of the trip

  • Information that may be needed in case of emergency

We also need to know about any special needs such as requiring help getting to and from the car, carrying shopping bags and stowing of mobility aids. Please note that our cars are not equipped to take wheelchair-bound passengers but many can accommodate folding wheelchairs. Please tell our team member if you want to take a walker or folding wheelchair with you.


An additional passenger can usually be included at no extra charge. Please inform the team member when you make your booking.


The team member will give an estimate of the costs involved.  There is a minimum charge of £5.00. Passengers pay 60p a mile or the standard tariff for their journey plus any parking fees, Mileage charged is from the driver’s home to the passenger’s pick up point and return. 


If the passenger plans to remain at the destination for more than 2 hours, the driver may choose to make two round trips and charge twice the normal fare.


We call passengers back to confirm whether it has been possible to assign a driver or not.


: 01205 360183