Open: 9.00am - 2.00pm weekdays

: 01205 360183

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Your journey


  • Customers telephone the office between 9.00am and 2.00pm Monday to Friday.
  • Our team records the trip, taking the necessary details.
  • The team seek an appropriate volunteer driver.
  • When a driver is found the customer is called to confirm the trip. (An estimate of the cost will be available at this point. 60p per mile return to the drivers home).
  • The driver arrives for the passenger at the appointed time and confirms the destination.
  • The customer is taken to the destination and returned home at the agreed time.
  • The customer pays the driver at the end of the trip in cash or by cheque. We are also able to receive card payments over the phone before the trip if thats more convenient.

Our customers


  • Our customers live in the town of Boston or one of the surrounding villages. We have customeers that travel from Sutterton, Kirton, Fosdyke, Wyberton, Old Leake, Wrangle and many other places in the Borough.
  • Typically they are unable to drive themselves and may not have family close by.
  • They may not be able to access public transport easily.
  • They want a personal door to door service, with the comfort of knowing that the driver is there for them when needed.



  • We are a membership based scheme that costs £12 a year.
  • The membership year runs from  1st April until 31st March.
  • After your first trip, if would like to become a member, you will be sent a membership form to complete and return
  • Members joining part way through  the year will be charged a prorata membership fee up until 31st March.
  • When returning your membership form we can accept cash or cheque for the membership fee. We are also able to receive card payments over the phone.
  • At  the start of March each year you will receive a letter inviting you to renew your membership for the next year.
  • Members receive a membership number and card.